Location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Woodside is the pioneer of the LNG industry in Australia and the largest Australian natural gas producer. Global Date Convention used by GEO: Year 2006 represents 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007. cum = cubic meters; energy content of natural gas is million BTU=293.071kWh; energy content by volume is million BTU = 25-28 cum of natural gas and one MWh = 84 cum. Santos is the leading Australian oil and gas exploration and production company in the Northern Territory, with a significant presence both onshore and offshore. The Petrel, Tern and Frigate gas fields are located 250 kilometres west of Darwin, in the Bonaparte Basin, and are well positioned to feed into either domestic or export markets. Darwin LNG is a single train facility with a unit capacity of 3.7 MTPA majority owned and operated by ConocoPhillips. Year: 2018. Name: Tokyo Gas Darwin LNG (an Australian corporation) Established: April 2003 Form of participation: Ownership of 3.36% of the pipeline operation rights and 3.36% of the share of Darwin LNG Pty Ltd, the company owning the liquefaction plant to be built on the outskirts of Darwin and engaging in LNG production and sales [TEPCO] The Company uses technology to liquefy natural gas, reduce greenhouse gas, and minimizes nitrogen oxide emissions. Darwin is poised to become the nucleus of the Northern Territory’s push to expand LNG exports by tapping 30 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of gas offshore northern Australia. [5] [6] The LNG plant has a nominal plant capacity of 8.9 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) which will be achieved through two LNG processing trains. acknowledge our contribution and reference us as follows: "Data information provided, or the reliability and functionality of Disclaimer: All attempts have been made to ensure Yemen LNG 33 2012-02-29 Sources: obtained from http://GlobalEnergyObservatory.org/". The Ichthys liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal is part of the $34bn Ichthys LNG project in Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory in Australia. The company prefers Barossa gas to feed the Darwin LNG Terminal. If, inspite of our efforts, users encounter is licensed under a Creative Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. We use cookies on the public areas of our website. The Bayu-Undan facility, which supplies gas to the plant via a 26-inch subsea pipeline, is located approximately 500 kilometres north-west of Darwin in Timor-Leste offshore waters. Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Join us and your talent, skills and ideas will have a direct impact on results as we thrive and improve together. In April 2017 Australia’s Northern Territory government set aside A$250,000 for a feasibility study into the potential expansion of the Darwin LNG plant. This infrastructure is of TYPE LNG_Ports and CATEGORY Transmission. The first unit was commissioned in 2006. They let you easily navigate your way around the site and allow us to improve its performance, or even recommend content we believe will be of most interest to you. that data, information, and tools residing at GlobalEnergyObservatory are of The company’s partnership with the NT stretches back many years, having been the major supplier of gas to the local market and as the only Australian company in Darwin LNG. Subsequently, the Darwin LNG development saw the installation of a sub-sea pipeline and the LNG production facility. Project Purpose A 502 kilometre subsea pipeline connects the Bayu-Undan offshore facility to the Darwin LNG plant in Darwin. Location coordinates are: Latitude= -12.5221, Longitude= 130.8663. The Darwin LNG project was built in two phases: a 502km, 26in-diameter subsea pipeline and a 3.24mtpa-capacity LNG plant. Located at Wickham Point, Darwin LNG is a single train liquefaction and storage facility that started production in 2006. Gas export pipeline. News ... from the offshore facilities and the Darwin LNG plant. Subsequent production testing gas flow rates were above initial expectations for the vertical well. The Darwin LNG plant faces up to two years of interruption to exports as operator ConocoPhillips and partners including Santos bring replacement gas supply online and prepare for a … the Ichthys LNG’s 890-kilometre gas export pipeline (GEP) delivers gas and some condensate from the Ichthys Explorer central processing facility (CPF) in the Browse Basin to onshore processing facilities at Bladin Point near Darwin, in preparation for export.. Acknowledgment: Users using and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Change my location. Gas is sent via a 502 kilometre pipeline from the Bayu-Undan field to the plant at Wickham Point, where it is converted into Liquefied Natural Gas for sale to Tokyo Electric and Tokyo Gas in Japan. The LNG plant features: A 92m-diameter, 47m-high LNG storage tank to hold up to 188,000m³ of gas; LNG process area – for treating and liquefying raw gas the reliability, accuracy, or completeness of the data or Santos also has a significant exploration position in offshore Northern Australia, adjacent to Barossa and the Petrel, Tern and Frigate fields. This infrastructure is of TYPE LNG_Ports and CATEGORY Transmission. The first unit was commissioned in 2006. software tools provided. It is operated by ConocoPhillips. The gas processing plant is onshore at Blaydin Point within Darwin's Middle Arm Peninsula industrial area, not far from the Darwin LNG plant operated by ConocoPhillips. Scope: FEED, EPC of downstream LNG plant facilities. To address environmental priorities of project owners and the host country, the Darwin facility was designed with several firsts, including being the first application of highly efficient aero-derivative gas turbines in LNG service. The Darwin LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant at Wickham Point in the Northern Territory was commissioned in early 2006 after the successful construction of the facility that began in mid 2003. Production of LNG will be facilitated through an onshore liquefaction plant located at Bladin Point, near Darwin, which will be connected to the offshore Ichthys field by an 889 km subsea pipeline. While the Draft EIS was written for an LNG plant with a capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum (MTPA), one of the site selection criteria was that the site must be at least 150 ha in area to allow for potential expansion to 9 MTPA. Ltd. manufactures industrial organic chemical products. It is operated by ConocoPhillips. Darwin LNG Plant Australia is located at Wickham Point,. History of Edits for Darwin LNG Plant Australia, Creative 4.4.1 LNG Plant expansion. The Ichthys LNG project will be one of the largest LNG export facilities in Australia. downloading information from this site are requested to The Ichthys Field is located in … In 2019, Santos conducted a successful four stage fracture stimulation of the Velkerri shale gas play in the Tanumbirini-1 well, drilled in 2014. . It explores the key issues facing the project, details the contracts supporting and contains plant and field location maps and an FOB breakeven analysis. Ichthys LNG includes 2 LNG trains for a total capacity of approximately 8.9 million tonnes of LNG, 1.6 million tonnes of LPG per annum and condensate. Project: Ichthys LNG Project - Blaydin Point. In 2002, heads of agreement were signed with Toyoko Electric and Toyko Gas for the sale of 3 MMTPA of LNG, prompting construction of the first LNG plant in the Northern Territory in June 2003. Darwin LNG Project AUSTRALIA. Darwin LNG Plant Australia is located at Wickham Point,. The Darwin LNG project is a 1-train LNG development operated by ConocoPhillips. The Darwin Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (DLNG Plant), located at Wickham Point, Darwin, has a maximum instantaneous capacity, or nameplate capacity, equivalent to 3.7 million tonnes per annum (MTPA). errors, please contact us by e-mail. Darwin LNG Plant Phillips Petroleum Company Australia Pty Ltd ABN 86 092 288 376 Public Environmental Report ... following location: Ms Teresa Gray Phillips Petroleum Company Australia Pty Ltd Level 5, NT House, 22 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT 0800 GPO Box 2266, Darwin NT 0801 The GEP is the longest subsea pipeline in the southern hemisphere and the fifth longest on the planet. Energy Observatory Project Start Date: November 2012 We have a global portfolio and are recognised for our world-class capabilities as an integrated upstream supplier of energy. Construction of the Darwin Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant began in June 2003 and the plant was commissioned in the first quarter 2006 when LNG sales commenced. The 500km 26 inch pipeline supplies gas from Bayu-Undan for processing into a 3.7 Mtpa design capacity LNG facility. Location coordinates are: Latitude= -12.5221, Longitude= 130.8663. SourceWatch is a … Santos has a large discovered resource base across Northern Australia that is well positioned to backfill and expand the existing LNG infrastructure. Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Santos seeks to work with contractors and suppliers who are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. Construction of the Darwin Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in the Northern Territory began in June 2003, with the plant being officially commissioned in January 2006. The Darwin LNG Project is an LNG value chain project that involves the development and production of gas mainly from the Bayu-Undan Gas Field located 250km off the southern coast of East Timor and 500km off the coast of Darwin, Australia, as well as the pipeline transport and liquefaction of that gas. The 3.7 MTPA DLNG Plant is the first train of a nominal 10 MTPA LNG Plant. The helium plant is the first of its kind in Australia, and has been built next to the Darwin LNG site that supplies the raw helium gas from a previously unused vent stream. The Barossa gas field is 300 kilometres north of Darwin and will be the source of gas to backfill Darwin LNG when Bayu-Undan ceases production. It has 1 unit(s). Onshore, the company is focussed on further exploring and appraising the McArthur Basin in the Northern Territory, a multi-tcf prospective resource similar to US shale plays. LNG Plant Overview Seminar with Supplier Association Murmanshelf Murmansk, 15 May 2012 ... •Introduction –Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) •Block diagram of LNG plant ... Darwin LNG (Australia) 32 2012-02-29 Source: www.lngfacts.org. Barossa entered FEED in April 2018. Santos operates both the Darwin LNG plant and Bayu-Undan facility. Project Details. In February 2018 it was reported that Santos was considering exporting Bonaparte Basin gas through the Darwin terminal. This is the first helium plant in the Southern Hemisphere and puts Darwin and Australia on the world map as a new source of this rare product, explained Colin Isaac, Managing Director, BOC South Pacific. Australian fiscal and data reporting year is from 1 July - 30 June. The American-owned ConocoPhillips was the first to begin an operation in the region, establishing the $1.5 billion Darwin LNG plant at Wickham Point in 2006. Santos is also exploring in the Amadeus Basin, south of Alice Springs, and, in 2019, the company farmed-in to exploration permits in the South Nicholson Basin, providing multi-tcf exposure to two shale gas plays analogous to the McArthur Basin shale gas plays. The facility includes a central production and processing complex with a Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel for condensate and LPG products and an unmanned wellhead platform. DARWIN LNG ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN DLNG/HSE/PLN/001 REV 3 4 of 140 5.2.5 Hydrology and Hydrogeology 56 5.2.6 Darwin Harbour 57 5.2.7 Vegetation Communities of … Located at Wickham Point, Darwin LNG is a single train liquefaction and storage facility that started production in 2006. INPEX has a long and successful business relationship with Australia that began in 1986. GlobalEnergyObservatory does not guarantee The Bayu-Undan facility, which supplies gas to the plant via a 26-inch subsea pipeline, is located approximately 500 kilometres north-west of Darwin in Timor-Leste offshore waters. As the operator of the Ichthys LNG Project, the first large-scale LNG project to be undertaken by a Japanese company, INPEX CORPORATION commissioned a joint venture group headed by JGC and including KBR of the U.S. and Chiyoda Corporation of Japan to carry out the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) work on the project's onshore gas liquefaction plant, which will … Data and software tools are subject to high quality. We’re also Japan’s largest petroleum and exploration company. The Darwin LNG commercial overview outlines the project development and commercial structure. This page was last edited on 15 January 2020, at 14:36. 2.2 … DARWIN LNG PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS. In 1995, the discovery of the Bayu-Undan Field in the Timor Sea, approximately 500 kilometres north west of Darwin, seeded the idea of building an LNG plant at Wickham Point in Darwin Harbour. Darwin LNG Pty. The gas processed at the Darwin LNG facility comes from the Bayu-Undan gas field located in the Timor Sea via a 502 kilometres long sub-sea pipeline. Project Overview:The Ichthys Field in the Browse Basin is located offshore in Western Australia. It has 1 unit(s).

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