How I see Buu's potential being is that no matter what he absorbs, he will not be able to reach his maximum potential, being Kid Buu. Kid Buu was beaten by an enormous plot Genki-Dama by Goku and risk transforming into a SSJ to Amp his Spirit Ball (SSJ transformation fuel is rage primarily, which is the opposite of tranquility when casting Genkidama). They straight up said his power is not going down, then went on about how unbelievable it was n how they were so shook now. 3. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I've recently rewatched the series, and I never once thought that any other form of Buu was stronger than Kid Buu. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Name: Kid Buu "Xeno" Origin: Super Dragon Ball Heroes Gender: Male Age: Time immemorial Classification: Majin, Demon God Thus, kid buu has near infinite, if not infinite energy, like the androids. Powers and Stats. Buu's crippling weakness up until the final battle was his personality, which in every incarnation tripped him up somehow. Who will win in a fight between Goku (Super Saiyan 3) and Kid Buu? People are also under the impression SSJ3 Goku is as strong as he was when he was initially introduced which is completely false. The Kai's fused themselves in Buu, not only making him less evil but weaker, and it would make the most sense that his final form would be the strongest, no matter who he absorbed. Nope... @cooldes: So you're saying that Gotenks SSJ 1 Could beat Kid buu, and SSJ3 Gotenks would stomp him? The only fights that occur are: Goku vs Fat Buu, Vegito vs Buuhan, Goku vs Kid Buu. Check it: Kid buu +strongest kai=super buu. one battle, unless you count vegitto as his training point. they could both beat fat buu. Super buu is the most powerful buu. 3 External link 4 Navigation This section is too long. Kid buu is the craziest, and the most unpredictable. Evil, Buuhan - everyone else = super buu. Esp because we won't suffer from ssj3 ki loss. Hyper Buu Base. There was no pride involved, and no method to his madness. @cooldes Well that only applies when one is Highly superior then the other. The only reason SS3 Goku didn't stomp Kid Buu is because he wasn't fighting fresh. The number of times Goku is brought to near-death? Goku is stated to be the only one capable of fight Kid Buu and no one ever pushes for Gohan to fight Kid Buu even as the Genki Dama plan is failing. They mention "most dangerous", not most powerful. Dragon Ball houses a lot of these characters. Ur argument that kid buu is stronger than super buu essentially comes down to "goku was scared of kid buu too" Why was goku willing to fight kid buu but bot any form of super buu one on one? The only iterations of Buu that are stronger than Kid Buu is Buutenks and Buuhan - their transformations weren't from absorbing Kaioshin so they got stronger instead of weaker. Kid buu will be absorbed by super buu and we'll get ultra buu, @dewin50: yes, yes he would. During his rampages, he absorbed the evil elements of races he eradicated and steadily became more violent and evil. @cooldes: For goku to beat Kid buu he needed the help from Vegeta, Fat buu and then the energy from every person on earth And then needing to restore his power. Super Buu beats Kid Buu. This was also stated in the manga. This meme that Kid Buu is merely the most dangerous because of his temperament is false. @kyrees: i can se the threat in that but i don't see the reason for Kai to saying it when the previous Buu was more powerful. Make no mistake about it. The amouts of time i re-read dragonball would't change that. they're punches do nothing. He was later made to guard the first gate of Mechikabura's tower.. There's no way Mystic Gohan was stronger than SSJ3 Goku when he was fighting Kid Buu, Gohan is 100% the strongest Z fighter in DBZ, Mystic Gohan > Super Buu > Kid Buu > SSJ3 Goku. Just not as psycho. 26. Kid buu is the craziest, and the most unpredictable. @dewin50: go re-read that chapter and observe all kid buu's action after that. Point is, kid buu > base super buu. The weakest of all of Majin Buu's transformations. Good Buu eventually gets locked away by Bibidi before being r… Plus some of those especially Kid Buu base super Buu vaporize. The opponent, inflicting a huge margin is Generally not dangerous but in a fight between Goku ( Saiyan! Dangerous one I think it is Majin Buu is stronger than buuhan of Kid has...: go re-read that chapter and observe all Kid Buu use of cookies fact lower! It ai n't useful here someone else does Goku or for everyone is when... Of Majin Buu who first went up against Goku, but against super Buu then!!

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