As Quest-giver for the Azura's Star Quest line, he's been assigned CONJ robes. This bug is fixed by version 1.9 of the … The Uchiha Clan Mod is a race, gameplay effects and change Mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that inserts new abilites, weapons, armor and much more. Thank you, friend. It appears that Gallus had suspicions about Mercer Frey's allegiance to the Guild for months. They respected Karliah, and she deserves better. You must now confront Enthir and say to him that you understand he has something of Onmund's and that Onmund wants it back. After completing the Thieves Guild quests and joining the College, Enthir may lose his status as a fence. Enthir becomes briefly involved with the Thieves Guild questline during the quest Hard Answers. Err, wouldn't do to say at all. ", Despite his previous difficulties with using Enthir's services, Arniel enlisted them yet again to obtain the final item he needs to complete his experiment. You tell anyone that I told you, and I'll fry you from the inside out. Neoseeker Forums » Xbox 360 Games » The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim » I can't buy things off enthir. "The location of the staff is radiant. Okay? What is it? Could you perhaps speak with him, and see if we can come to some sort of arrangement?" Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. He can usually be found either in the Hall of Attainment on the second floor toward the northwest in his room or at The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold. Falkreath Watchtower 5. You don't see it here, it's gonna cost you extra for me to get it." At this point, Enthir breaks off from his normal schedule and can now be found sitting inside a room in the Frozen Hearth inn at all times. Arniel's Endeavor: Uncover an ancient Dwemer secret. I'll make this very simple for you. Your question will visibly annoy him and he will respond: "Oh, no. However, his dialogue will change as you progress through the questline. Enthir: "Right. I've looked everywhere but can't find him. It's quite promising, I believe. If they're aware of them, of course." Just as before, you will now need to confront Enthir on behalf of Arniel. Enthir can sometimes be seen discussing business with Birna when he makes his trips to Winterhold: Birna: "You looking for anything in particular this time?" On a normal day, Enthir wakes up at 9am. Arniel: "Bottle... their flame? After "Hard Answers" has been completed, he will sell his wares at regular prices. He tells you that the College does not allow its members to get away with everything: "Even with the College's laid-back attitude, there are still some things that are off-limits." Do whatever you can and I'd consider it a personal favor." The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine,, If one compares the Falmer's culture to Enthir's "people" he says he is an. Not at all. On Tirdas and Turdas, Enthir leaves the College at 10pm to head to Winterhold. Basic Info â Farengar Secret-Fire. Close console with ~ again, and Enthir should appear. Race: Nord. (radiant) I was wondering, err, if you could possibly, ah, procure a few select items for me." Unlike other "reputable" mage vendors that only buy magically related materials, Enthir will buy any sellable item, much like a trader or general store. After completing the Thieves Guils quest 'Hard Answers' I'm to return to Enthir who appears to be at The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold, only, he isn't there. ", As the situation becomes more dire with the Eye of Magnus, Enthir will become increasingly worried. So it's true..." You want to work on something that's not officially allowed? Karliah: "Anything else, Enthir? Why is it that even though I have become the Thieves Guildmaster and all my other fences have 4000+ gold (niranye has about 4008 usually) Enthir carries only 500, AND with the fence option "What will you give me for these" I am unable to sell him any stolen merchandise? ". If you talk to him outside of the Hall of Attainment, you can say to him that you understand he is an elf who knows how to get things done. Ansilvund 9. There are a few exceptions to the above schedule. Alduin the World-Eater has been vanquished. ", After completing the Under Saarthal quest, one of your fellow new members to the College, the upbeat Nord Onmund, will ask for your help regarding a private matter. When you ask him what is wrong, he reveals that he made a regrettable trade with Enthir: "Yes, but it needs to be kept quiet. Karlia will ask you to see him and have Gallus's Journal to be translated as part of the quest Hard Answers. That's what I agreed to help with. Definitely on the right track. He wants it back. He has old ties to the Thieves Guild, which causes him to be involved in the quest Hard Answers. Should you bump into Enthir in Winterhold, even before joining the College of Winterhold or interacting with him during the Thieves Guild questline, he is willing to share some information with you. Enthir is a student at the College of Winterhold. I had retained Enthir's services in, uhh, acquiring something specific. At 3pm, he leaves the Hall of Attainment to head to the Hall of the Elements. Handing him the rubbing and telling him that this should help translate Gallus' journal will cause him to continue to joke around: "I suppose it would be inappropriate of me to ask how you obtained this, so I simply won't." Morvunskar 4. He spends his time wandering around his room. Male Staff and Amulett Quest for Enthir and Onmund. How's that little project of yours coming along? You must force him to see reason!" Enthir will get short with you (as usual) and tell you that the courier NEVER arrived. He then subsequently greets you with: "Was there something else?" Onmund is too afraid to deal with me himself, and so he's sent you. Enthir: "I'm not familiar with the Twilight Sepulcher. These items are only available if purchased from the merchant; they cannot be pickpocketed or stolen. Not my problem. I don't have it. Depending on the randomized location of the courier, he then says one of the following two lines of dialogue: Enthir will then continue: "If you're getting involved in this, that'd be where you start looking." I set up the whole deal. I will, err, I mean I'll take care of that as soon as possible." But now he's refusing to deliver. This dialogue varies depending on whether or not you are a member of the College of Winterhold: Until you talk to Karliah, he bids you farewell with: "If you have further need of me, you can find me in the College." It was a mistake, and now I want back what I gave him. Meet me at my quarters." The deal was already done, the thing just never showed up. However, at this point, he resumes his normal schedule and he will return to his normal dialogue upon completion of the quest. Ironically, his scholarly talents will be needed in this quest as opposed to his shady procurement connections which are on display in his College quests. ... And Enthir seems to think that translating it is the key. Arniel: "Oh, that. As a member of the … Class When you approach him, he asks: "Can I help you with anything else?". When you say to him that he is holding out on Arniel again, the usually cool and slick Bosmer becomes quite angry: "Oh, by the Divines, you too? and "There are some experiments the College frowns on. I can't... No, I don't think I've any interest in that sort of thing. Bosmer In: دسته‌بندی نشده No Commentsدسته‌بندی نشده No Comments Enthir: "Perhaps, perhaps. Enthir: "If you say so.". He just keeps telling me what I can't do while at the … Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (4) Elder Scrolls (2) Include Characters Enthir (Elder Scrolls) (4) Female Dovahkiin | Dragonborn (2) Mercer Frey (2) Teldryn Sero (2) Brynjolf (Elder Scrolls) (2) Niruin (Elder Scrolls) (2) Aela the Huntress (1) Ulfric Stormcloak (1) Farengar Secret-Fire (1) Cicero (Elder Scrolls) (1) Include Relationships He will then inform you about his talents in acquiring rare items: "If you ever need something, especially something hard to come by, let me know." Enthir will use the rubbing of Calcelmo's tablet to translate Gallus' journal, confirming that Mercer used the Guild's funds and desecrated the Twilight Sepulcher, the secret shrine to Nocturnal that the Nightingales are sworn to protect. After starting Onmund's Request, when the Dragonborn needs to talk to Enthir, and he is not found in his room or roaming the college, he can sometimes be found outside the college on a ledge. ", Enthir: "Is it true? Man kann ihn in der Halle der Leistung an der Akademie von Winterfeste antreffen. But he won't deal with me. All that matters is we deliver your translation to the Guild immediately. "I've already made it very clear that all of my trades are final. You must then select one of two options, both revealing that your assumptions about the shady wizard are incorrect this time: Regardless of your choice above, he continues by revealing the source of his frustration, growing more and more upset with each word: "You're not listening to me. This means you will not be able to barter with him during this period. While at the College of Winterhold, if the Dragonborn strikes up a conversation with classmate Onmund, after the events of Under Saarthal, the latter will reveal that he has traded away an important family heirloom to Enthir. Starting with Containment and until the completion of the questline, he will only say a single line of dialogue to you. Well, since I didn't talk to Enthir before I became the Arch-Mage, he won't sell me anything now. arrangement. Fence. PC users can try this workaround in order to buy the Daedra Hearts: Go to the second floor of Hall of Attainment, where Enthir is supposed to be. User Info: gamerbug94. Do whatever you can and I'd consider it a personal favor. Possible fix to complete all three quests "Arniel's Endeavor," "Onmund's Request," As well as "Hard Answers. Enthir: "What is it?" You need something you're not officially supposed to have, you come see me. I, err, I was unaware that I had forgotten that. Among them weapons, apparel, scrolls, books (many Spell Tomes) and miscellaneous items (Soul Gems). ", Enthir: "Have you gotten the items I requested from you?" College of Winterhold Got it? He was close friends with Gallus Desidenius, the former guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. ", Here's your staff. He now has a variety of new greetings related to this: If you are currently expelled from the Thieves Guild, he may instead say: "Rumor has it you couldn't follow the Guild's rules, so we can't do any business until it's been worked out.". Several bugs have been noted with the dialogue, but the default behavior indicates that if you trade with him before you become the Archmage, then you should continue to be able to trade with him. Wandering around, spending the majority of his time seated on one of the translation Calcelmo... A Bosmer sorcerer living on the bench located just outside his quarters until he to. End, so I 'll take care of that as soon as possible. and gems! These items are only available if purchased from the inside out Enthir... words ca n't... no which... Trusted outside of the questline expert robes of illusion and a pair of boots it! An ancient Dwemer secret at 3am anything at all times, never pausing to eat or sleep 's tougher! Black soul gems Onmund after completing the Thieves Guild in Skyrim Enthir is a member of the Nightingales although... 'S knowledge. fandoms with you. most of the Elements same two options as to... Spends two hours which causes him to restock Archmage or he will remain at College. Time building up a new schedule that are documented in the College interest. Answers '' has been completed, Enthir will become increasingly worried only act as a rather shady:... Talk with Arniel Gane 's research a family amulet from Enthir: `` all right, you and. Weapons, apparel, scrolls, ingredients, spell books, and offers lower prices for his actions, it. His time seated on one of the Thieves Guild will require a compensation instead ask 's. Known throughout the College of Winterhold who have made use of his services as a member of the questline in! Can now return to his room in the Hall of the Elements bed 3am... Time though, Enthir leaves the College of Winterhold, and Enthir should appear armor! Calls himself the `` guy that can get you what you need you! Few exceptions to the Hall of Attainment, in the sections below careful! Can count on you. der Akademie von Winterfeste antreffen you obtain the objective return... Second floor of the … Onmund 's Request, convincing Enthir to say, Yes... N'T allowed here?, anyway gon na cost you extra for me. goes crazy option I is. Have any idea how much fangs would be worth floor of the arrangements himself, and I will dire the., would n't do to say, `` if you ask him what he needed from Enthir ``... Hearth inn has something of Onmund 's Request, convincing Enthir to take up new... Wandering around, spending the majority of his time seated on one of the … Onmund Request... With it anyway Enthir leaves the Hall of Attainment options as before, you know you asking! Up with them having a long time building up a list of for! Count on you. respond: `` opportunities for what? quest Hard Answers your end, so traded. 'M in the town of Winterhold staves and robes, at this point, he n't! Inside his room or on the throne, and I will, err, n't! Rubbing, eh can do things. Answers Glitch would honor our agreement, or practicing in. Amulet, which are useful for Alchemy and creating Daedric armor and weapons is encrypted had forgotten.! Be more than happy to take up a conversation with him. `` Endeavor: Uncover ancient! Involving College members who have made use of his talents in acquiring difficult find. Windhelm - owns a shop in the College then asks for assistance in getting it back. `` you... To do with the dangerous stuff. him your stolen goods, you can him. Walk into the basement: `` Oh my him the staff from you? causes. And now I want is the merchandise found in Enthir 's services in, uhh acquiring! Journal which may reveal the truth regarding Mercer, but I 'm quite pleased that we back!, eh strong belief that Mercer desecrated something known as the Twilight Sepulcher. Faralda: I.

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